Charities Can Fundraise With NFTs

NFT Fundraising

NFTs are empowering charities and non-profits across the globe to join the Web 3 movement. Non-fungible tokens offer an opportunity to raise support for causes that matter. Whether for the people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, breast cancer, or food shortage, non-profits worldwide have used NFTs to raise funds and support those in need. In return, the investors and art collectors get a chance to own a unique piece of artwork on Web 3, which they can proudly call an extension of themselves. 


Limited Edition
Only 2000 Issued
Bronze Level £20


Limited Edition
Only 2000 Issued
Silver Level £50


Limited Edition
Only 500 Issued
Gold Level £100

Sponsor A Child Charity NFT - PLATINUM Donor


Limited Edition
Only 350 Issued
Platinum Level £200



Limited Edition
Only 150 Issued
Diamond Level £500

Leveraging Social Media For Good

Charities are leaving no stone unturned to raise awareness for their NFT sales. Besides their offline events, they leverage social media to gain momentum for their fundraising efforts by reaching out to numerous NFT enthusiasts, influencers, and investors present on these platforms. 


Future Proof

Metaverse Fundraising believes that online charitable fundraising via NFTs will scale further as the number of auctions and sales are growing unanimously across digital marketplaces like OpenSea.

NFT + Social Media Means Increased Reach

NFTs and social media go hand in hand; the creators want to use technology to its full potential and reach audiences far beyond their usual reach.

Why use NFTs for Charity?

NFTs have emerged as one of the best ways to fundraise for important causes. 

Many charities have already benefited from NFT Fundraising. NFTs can be a great way to make money through auctions, allowing organisations to raise funds in a transparent way, while engaging a new audience and strengthening brand awareness.

What About Carbon Footprint?

Global warming has become one of the most pressing issues in today’s world, prompting many companies to implement sustainability practices. This is no different in the crypto market, with an abundance of eco-friendly projects springing up that look to reduce their energy consumption and make a positive impact on the environment.

Our Expertise In The Non-Profit Sector

Metaverse Fundraising was created after a number of digital marketing experts working within the nonprofit sector realised how expensive it was to work with traditional digital and creative agencies.

Unprecedented Clarity

Metaverse Fundraising is bringing transparency to charity fundraising. NFTs offer transparency as each transaction is recorded on the blockchain. 


Multiple digital fundraising platforms can facilitate online charity fundraising campaigns.

Easy Tracking on Blockchain

Ownership records are maintained on a shared ledger on a variety of blockchains, and each transaction can be tracked easily. 

Secure & Free of Manipulation

Since each transaction is verified and documented, the chances of manipulating funds are minimal for charitable institutions. NFTs are one of the most secure and attractive ways to raise funds in today’s digital era.

Complete Transparency

Metaverse Fundraising is bringing transparency to charity fundraising.

Regular Donations

A monthly donation from you could make a big difference and will help to support our work around the world. We receive no funding from any government organisation. We rely entirely on voluntary donations like yours to fund our vital work. 

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Web3 Blockchain technology

Crypto-philanthropy promises notable advantages for charitable organisations and donors.

Digital Agreements

Blockchain makes it easier to share and store digital data, and may also be used to ensure that important documents or contracts cannot be modified without the approval of all involved members.

Reduced Taxes

If a contribution is made with Bitcoin, the charity will get the full donated value (no capital gain taxes). The donor would be able to claim a higher tax deduction towards governmental agencies.